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Welcome taste voyager,

I am Andreas Lagos. My early days were filled with flavors, colors and smells. They inspired me to become a nomad chef and led me to share my love for Mediterranean and Greek food by offering tailor-made services that delight your palate. Awesome synergies came my way, I travelled to special places, collected stories and met extraordinary people. Tune in to get inspired.
Marietta Vidali
Marketing and new business consultant

Marietta is an experienced marketer with analytical thinking and deep knowledge in developing marketing, communication and new business strategic tools. Having collaborated with multinational companies and leading brands she is well familiar with the value of cooperation, creativity and results-driven attitude.

Equal opportunities and meritocracy are of strategic importance to her.

Her self-motivated stance on life as well as the belief that we should add value in whatever we do has led her to having strong involvement with voluntary organizations and NGOs.

Passionate about quality of life, happiness and personal development Marietta believes that love, growth and contribution are what make life worth living.