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Welcome taste voyager,

I am Andreas Lagos. My early days were filled with flavors, colors and smells. They inspired me to become a nomad chef and led me to share my love for Mediterranean and Greek food by offering tailor-made services that delight your palate. Awesome synergies came my way, I travelled to special places, collected stories and met extraordinary people. Tune in to get inspired.
Beki Siahou
Becky siahou

Although she used to work in a different sector, for the past 12 years she has been occupied with cooking (mainly as a private chef), after having attended lots of seminars and taken many classes.

Her passion and mojo magically transformed into a job!
Always a fan of creativity and team spirit, she enjoys working in restaurants and organizing events, while she’s also been involved in tv productions.

Modesty aside, she does not hesitate to share her biggest dream, which, of course, is to open her own shop where she ‘ll be able to do what she does best. Sweets!