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Welcome taste voyager,

I am Andreas Lagos. My early days were filled with flavors, colors and smells. They inspired me to become a nomad chef and led me to share my love for Mediterranean and Greek food by offering tailor-made services that delight your palate. Awesome synergies came my way, I travelled to special places, collected stories and met extraordinary people. Tune in to get inspired.
Akis Varthalamis

Having always believed in the ability of food to provide universal experiences, Akis was driven to the culinary arts, while aspiring to seize the world through cooking.

His experience in demanding workplaces and his interest in the artistic side of food, combined with his attention to detail, earned him the title of an Instructor in Akmi, one of the top European Institutes for Culinary Studies, part of the World Association of Chef Societies.

By constantly refining his craft, Akis focuses on enhancing customer experience. At the same time, he channels both his energy and knowledge towards his vision of functional restaurants, accustomed to modern eating habits and lifestyle.