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Welcome taste voyager,

I am Andreas Lagos. My early days were filled with flavors, colors and smells. They inspired me to become a nomad chef and led me to share my love for Mediterranean and Greek food by offering tailor-made services that delight your palate. Awesome synergies came my way, I travelled to special places, collected stories and met extraordinary people. Tune in to get inspired.
Early Days
how it all started
Early days

I was born on the island of Samos and was raised in the fields and gardens of my home village. My life as a child has deeply influenced my adult life. Inspiring memories come to mind every time I get the chance to use and appreciate the pure Greek products, vegetables, fruits and herbs. I always wanted to be close to the pot whenever something was boiling, or near the heated oven, to watch the pasta being cooked or to observe how the cake becomes gold inside the warm embrace of the oven. 

I cook as long as I can remember myself! 

I studied cooking and pastry at Le Monde Culinary Institute in Athens. Early on, during the first year of my studies, I interned at the five-star Doryssa Seaside Resort in Samos. There, I learned that when you work you make mistakes, a life lesson that I try to pass on to my team every time I work at a kitchen. 

At the age of 19, I won a gold medal at the pan-European contest for Mediterranean cooking in Crete. My collaboration with the multi awarded, pioneering restaurant Aristera-Dexia in Athens boosted my career and paved the way for me to work at top-level restaurants.

I always wanted to know what happens when a dish leaves my kitchen and arrives at the table, what are the thoughts, feelings and reactions of those enjoying it. I decided then to cooperate with a private chef service company. Catering for a discerning clientele, creating personalized menus, but also organizing BBQ parties, cooking lessons or even live cooking events inspired my Nomad philosophy to which I aspire since then.

By the early 2010s, I was making my mark on Greek television, being the co-presenter of the popular TV show, Chef on air. My goal was to make viewers become more culinary adventurous giving emphasis on ingredients and traditional recipes.